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Compensation consulting that scales.

Want an airtight, equitable compensation system built for your size and stage? We're here to be your in-house compensation team. Using our unique process designed for startups and scale-ups, our team will help you define your compensation philosophy, do the research and data crunching, and leave you with pay bands that scale. We’ll even train your team to use them and make sure the launch goes smoothly.

We approach pay through an equitable lens, and are happy to work with international and remote teams to solve their unique compensation challenges.

Our Process

Designed specifically for startups and scale-ups, our compensation process is based on your company's unique values, goals, and the behaviours you want to encourage. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Get Philosophical

To start, we will conduct a deep dive on the behaviours you want to incentivize & reward, and develop a compensation philosophy as our foundation. Together, we'll decide where we want to be in the market, whether we'll use other incentives, how we engage in salary negotiations, how (and how often) we'll grant increases, and more.

Step 2: Research and Verify

We will then conduct market research on base salary & variable rewards in relation to market data and your industry. We'll use a collection of at least 2 relevant databases when developing your custom pay bands.

Step 3: Connect and Scale

We will also include templates for role guides and career levels to assist the team in planning for growth. These will connect to your pay bands and help with potential salary increases & title changes that may occur from our analysis.

Step 4: Make it Whole

We'll explore variable compensation, including equity and bonuses. We'll also include research on additional perks that connect to your values, desired behaviours and compensation philosophy.

Step 5: Audit

We'll audit our new pay bands against existing company salaries, advising on adjustments, equitable pay and any discrepancies to work through.

Step 6: Roll it Out

We'll provide you with communications tools to launch your new compensation plan, including how-to guides and training for your team and managers.

The final project will include:
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"Bright + Early are the folks you need in your camp if you are looking for transformational HR practices. They are progressive, execution-focused and thoughtful in their approach to helping you build the modern workplace. And, they are super fun to work with on top. What else can a CEO ask for? OK, some skittles maybe."

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Shrad Rao, CEO, Wagepoint

"Bright + Early came aboard the Juno team at a key moment in our growth. We were experiencing the definition of growing pains, combined with clear indications from all sides that I needed to level up as a leader in a big way. ZJ and Nora both supported us through it, and after a few tough months, my team's culture was transformed. I changed, too."

A photo of Heather
Heather Payne, CEO, Juno College of Technology

"Bright + Early has been instrumental in bringing out the best in our company, our people, and our culture. As a tech startup, it’s important to choose partners that understand your industry and all the unique challenges that come with it. Bright + Early has the expertise, experience, and caring attitude to get the right things done from an HR and employee experience perspective."

A photo of Roxana
Roxana Zaman, COO, Maple

"Hiring B&E right after our Series A was the best move we made. It allowed us to build a great HR foundation in the most important time as we were scaling the company...  I highly recommend adding B&E to your team as early as possible. You won't regret it."

A photo of Izzy
Izzy Rosenzweig, CEO, Browze

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