Stuffy, suit and tie HR? We don't know her.

Bright + Early is an HR consultancy unlike any other. Known for building unique, data-driven and inclusive HR programs, we're a team of misfits that specializes in scaling startups and creative teams. Since 2017, over 50 companies across Canada and the USA have trusted the Bright + Early team to build and manage cutting-edge people programs.

We donate a portion of all sales to The Bright + Early Better Workplaces Fund, our charitable fund focused on supporting underrepresented groups in the workforce.

Our Values

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The best workplaces are built for everyone. Every policy and process you'll get from Bright + Early is designed with equity in mind and vetted by our in-house Diversity and Inclusion experts.

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Endless paperwork? Annual reviews full of surprises? Policies written for robots? Not here. We believe humans thrive best with clear communication and expectations.

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Who says MVPs, customer research and iteration are only for the product team? With Bright + Early, you'll get HR programs built and measured by data and team feedback.

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People want to buy from, work for and stay with companies that treat their team well. Put simply: we won't build anything that doesn't put humans first.

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